Prototyping Services we Offer:


SSPPL offers wide range and Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing Services. We provide Design and Drafting servies to help you turn your ideas into 3D Designs or Models using the Best Design Software and we can test the fit and function of your product in our Software using 3d Assembly & Modelling.

We provide low cost, quick turn functional prototypes, allowing you to test the parts and fitment. Our services enable to get the feedback, revise, modify and design better products. We use PLA, ABS, Nylon, etc Raw materials for 3d Printing and deliver the best cost effective and good finish samples.


    Advantages of 3d Printing:

  • Customized and Fast Development
  • Complex designs can be printed with Undercuts, etc
  • No needs for Molds, tools or machines
  • Fast and cheap method of Prototyping


    Dis-Advantages of 3d Printing:

  • Limited Strength and Durability
  • Less Precision Products
  • Limited choice of Material, Color and Finsh
  • Bulk quantities take time to prepare